Index videos

Upload videos recorded by dash cams. The interface allows you to add video and frame specific metadata.

Object detection

Deep neural networks, are used to perform object detection to recognized, cars, pedestrians and signs.

Visual Search

Extracted objects, along with entire frames and crops, are indexed using deep features. The feature vectors are used for retrieval by query image.

Cloud architecture

Benefit from cheap storage and data processing by using spot instances with GPUs as needed for indexing and detection.

Dash Cam Analytics is an extensible platform

Store videos

Videos, frames, object bounding boxes and feature vectors are stored in a consistent & resuable format.


Record additional metadata such as vehicle speed, regions of interest, GPS location etc.


Complex queries

Use visual search along with metadata for building complex query patterns.

Deep Learning

Support for easy integration with new deep learning models for various tasks via an extensible queue based system.

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